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January 5, 2013 / mollywillows



well, we’ve done did a thing. britt wray and i launched LADIES LUGGING GEAR this past november.

casual and monthly, LLG is a salon for storytelling, narrative crafting, directing, editing, documenting, media making, graphics juicing, animating, photographing, sound producing, street reporting, and generally digitally cavorting Righteous Babes.

the next meet-up is january 24th. come gals! lug your gear on over– that includes vats of decent red to sip on.

the purpose is to come get to know one another, demo  projects and get feedback, bounce ideas around for collaboration, divulge in some skill sharing, and generally poke at the fire to see what new creative relationships might arise for us all. there are tons of women in the city who fit into the category; they’re brilliant, they tell stories, they use non-traditional techniques to do so, and most of all: we want to meet them. 

while LLG’s gatherings are salon-style, they’re not about academic laurel resting. LLG provides a more progressive and safe space for emerging women in media to get going as well as more experienced media-makers. we strive to create a positive environment where women come to share their ideas, questions, tips, and advice on the basis of project-empowerment and a celebration of female know-how.

NEXT ONE: thursday january 24th
WHERE: the tendril studio, 119 spadina ave, suite 800
TIME: 8 to 11 pm
WHAT: three different speakers and lot of hot talented babes
PS  “like” our freshly-launched facebook page at

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