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December 22, 2011 / mollywillows

the process of a dream & the glue on the page

like a dreamscape’s odds and ends that slink through the chambers of your fantasies, collage art is a surrogate to the subconscious. collage art messes with its viewers’ perceptions by relating its bizzaro halucinatory parts to a unified totality, & through its distorted subversion of the singular-image-as-status-quo-so-let’s-layer-it-all-on approach. & it’s this very distortion that yields its power. it’s also why i devour cuckoo-banana collages like a sort of aesthetically demented weirdo. (i also sound like i just dropped acid at my desk.)






collage is even doper when you consider that the surrealists– those futurist and dadaist artists of germany, france, and italy post WW1– used collage as a form of protest. in Russia, the avant gardists used photomontage to demonstrate their support for a progressive world order. for over a century collage has bridged art, politics, life, and the subconscious for both artists and its viewers. who knew cutting-and-pasting in kindergarten arts & crafts was really my saying “fuck you” to miss childs?! supes coos.


as a record of our civilization, collage is a document of the fleeting, the transitory, the ephemeral nature of our collective human (sub)/(un)consciousness and all our churning, shifting creative endeavours. void of orthodoxy and pregnant with potential, collage is just about the chillest fucking thing ever. (if you have read this far, thanks for accepting me and my random rambling prosaic ode to an obscure art form.)
… toodle-ooOOoOOO!



amazing collage work by french artist julien pacaud



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