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April 19, 2011 / mollywillows

†††††††††††††††††††††††† RITUALS ††


with ye olde easter on its way this weekend, i sit & ponder rituals. because they are unique to only our spiritually questing species, rituals fascinate me as symbolic gestures. like philosopher jaques lacan believed, these symbolic gestures envelope our lives in a network so total that, together, they shape our very destiny. like a connect-the-dot coloring book in our childhood, our rites of birth, communion, marriage, & death (to name a few) fasten us to our earthly dwelling… and hopefully see us through to the beyond. & when we ritualize our rites of passage, they transform. with rituals, our rites become a sort of poetic and even cosmic event: through rituals, we unify.

these 35mm photos depicting various rituals are from india in 2009 by kristen rae finley. kiki is a photographer, artist, sometimes rapper, former roommate, always friend, & #1 WOOMZ.


a ceremony where people are hung from hooks on their tongues in tamil nadu, and it’s a good thing. really.


getting down to get up. on the hill temple at kavadi for traditional offerings.


the closest way to god.


what are they building in there? devotees walk the labyrinth to the golden interior of the hill temple. (like, for reals.)


youngolditsallthesame. astrologer + small child, kerala.


fowl fest.


water magic. auroville, tamil nadu.


top photo: child holds traditional offering at the thaipusam festival in palani.


all photos kristen rae finley 2009.


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