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April 8, 2011 / mollywillows

\\\ freak folk re-visited \\\

yeah, i get it. it’s, like, sooooo 2006 but i am still obsessed with freak folk. & yes… like my diary back then tells, i still intend to move to san francisco, find devendra, coco rosie, & joanna newsom, & live with them in a flying saucer filled with lotuses + cats eating veggie burgers while singing discordant harmonies about chinese children for all eternity.

this is a funkyfreakyfresh documentary from europe about freak folk & its origins at the turn of the millenium.



(the eternal children, 2006)

(PS: try to find someone NOT perpetually high on acid in the film, and i will give you a personalized dream catcher of woven chupa chups. ZOW.)


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