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December 5, 2010 / mollywillows

beauty in the wreckage

the year’s most stunning documentary was filmed in… a brazilian dump site?

featuring a self- designated group of brazilian garbage pickers — catadores — &  filmed over three years, WASTE LAND follows their lives in rio’s jardim gramacho dump.  enter sao paulo-born-brooklyn-resident-artist vik muniz into their subterranean world, and this eco-humanist-art film becomes so much more.

as muniz creates monumental portraits of & with the catadores from garbage they collect, the film becomes a story of the transformative nature of art in this late-capitalist era of unrelenting waste & further want. yet, as the film highlights, eco-humanist-art-as-saviour also comes with its controversies. certain catadores garner fame &  the criticisms and concerns begin to heap.

this holiday season, ch ch ch check this film for the realness. forget the huffington post’s claim that it’s the “slumdog millionaire of docs”. that’s friggin LAME & this documentary puts that film to SHAME.

showing at the tiff bell lightbox !NOW!  in toronto.

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