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November 29, 2010 / mollywillows

||| winter ||| poetry |||

winter fast approaches. poetry becomes necessity.

mario vargas llosa, peruvian poet/author, won the nobel prize for literature last month. his poem, “willow” not only is titled after my last name, WILLOWS, but also uses the word “VERONICAN,” which stems from my dearest bestest curliest haired gal, Miss Veronica Simmonds.

also, i love peru & this is a perfect segway to show you some wintry peruvian images i have from my travels there. i think they almost match the poem. coincidence? i say there are none.

collage by mw, peru, 2008.


Lyricism of winter, rustle of crepe,

now when the hasty departure nears;

oracular voices of plaintive songs

that in the evening pray for a farewell.

Vision of the burial of my illusions

in the very tomb of the mortal wound.

Veronican charity from unknown regions,

where at the price of ether life is lost.

Near dawn I will depart in tears;

and while my years go on curving,

my swift course will curve scythes.

And under the cold holy oils of a dying moon,

with the timbre of steel in the indolent earth,

dogs, howling, will dig a good-bye.


for more of the incredible vargas llosa, try this.


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