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November 11, 2010 / mollywillows

still waters run deep

before the city made a grid, destroyed it’s original population, and paved paradise, toronto was the eden of the 49th parallel. rich with wildlife and lush with foliage, it brimmed with rivers feeding into its great lake. even today- flowing beneath our feet as we tread the grid- surge secret rivers… though confined.

garrison creek, taddle creek, mud creek, the high park watershed, the don watershed… the list goes on.

in fact, most of toronto’s sewers are ancient rivers now piped and paved upon. reports from those who explore these watersheds affirm that, indeed, some of the rivers still have fish in them!

photographer jon muldoon is one of these urban explorers who penetrates deep beneath toronto to its buried waters. & then takes photos of it. astounding photos, at that.

jon muldoon is currently showing his buried waters exhibit at gallerywest in parkdale. 1332 queen st w.

go in on wednesdays + you can see my darling boyfriend working there, too! (you can call him vinny vee.)

garrison creek, jon muldoon 2010.

rosedale park drive drain pipe, jon muldoon, 2010.

high park watershed, jon muldoon, 2010.

black creek, jon muldoon, 2010.

& exclusive!!! making-of shots via gallerywest.

work shot 1, 2010.

work shot 2, 2010.



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